By PDLCPayday Loan

a sea of blue gowns

Don’t you just love unconventional weddings?  I’ve had the opportunity to make a red wedding gown, I’m currently making outfits for both groom and bride for a Beatles-themed wedding and just a couple of months back, I made the entourage dresses for Joe & Chok.  They chose midnight blue as the color for the gowns and I was so happy to make it for them because it’s not usual for a Pinoy couple to choose a dark (almost black) color for their bridal entourage.  The ninangs and moms wore gowns in different shades of blue which I think worked really well with the midnight blue gowns of the rest of the entourage.

Aside from working with such an awesome couple and the ladies from their entourage, the best part of the whole project was when I got a hug from one of the ninangs after she saw how she looked like in her gown.  :)

Here are some of the pictures I got (stole) from the couple’s Facebook account.  Thanks, Joe & Chok!