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multiway wrap skirts

I fell in love with this wrap skirt made out of vintage saris which I bought several years ago from Etsy. So many factors made me buy this wrap — the color, the fabric, the price and best of all, I can wear it in so many different ways! It’s not just a skirt, it can also be worn as a dress. Unfortunately, the supplier stopped making this gorgeous outfit.

Best part about this multiway wrap is that it can fit most (if not all)
sizes. Here I am wearing it a few months back…I was in my third
trimester already and the wrap still covered my bulging belly.

I decided to scout for different suppliers for this wrap since I was really interested to buy more for myself. Just my luck, a relative was based in Nepal recently and was kind enough to be my “purchaser” for these beautiful silk fabrics! I would love to keep all of the fabrics just for myself but my husband is already shaking his head every time he sees my closet . . . . so I decided to keep just a couple (ok, maybe four pieces) for myself. The rest are up for sale!

Here are just a few ways on how you could wear this multiway wrap —


Tina (second from left)

Tina (second from left)

I also tried using locally available fabrics and it turned out great as well! Here’s a sample —

Just send me a message at if you’re interested to order. :)