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tita k and her new a2w skirt

Vernon and I made a new skirt for Karrots of and host of Live, Love, LOLz! Watch her live every Thursday 8pm only on New Media Factory.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, please check out the first skirt  that we made for her from our Art to Wear line.  ♥

erin turns ONE!

Kid 2 celebrated her first birthday last week and of course we had to make to make her outfit for her big bash! We also made her Ate Talia’s tutu. I absolutely love making outfits for little girls (especially mine, haha)!


I wanted a whimsical gown inspired by our Dr. Seuss theme.


malou’s entourage

I enjoyed working with Malou and her entourage . . . . I loved that she gave me and the ladies of her entourage a free hand in choosing the designs and fabrics for the gowns. It was a pleasure meeting everyone, Malou! I’m looking forward to making a gown for you soon. :)

The bridesmaids, secondary sponsors and flower girls all
in Kaye Olfindo gowns.


a2w camo skirt on live, love, lolz

Karrots (L) wearing a skirt from our Art to Wear line, Talia (R) wearing a dress from our kids line

Vernon and I made something new for the Art to Wear (A2W) line! When Karrots of Live, Love, Lolz podcast requested for a camo skirt, instead of buying camo fabric, Vernon and I decided to make our own print.


cheongsams and qipaos

Cheongsams or qipaos originated from Shanghai in the 1920s. What used to be wide and loose evolved to a tight fitting version just like Maggie Cheung’s wardrobe in that lovely movie, In the Mood for Love.

I’ve always had cheongsams in my closet and it’s great to know that some of my clients share my love for these wonderful pieces. Here are a couple of cheongsams we’ve made recently.

Made with batik fabric from Kota Kinabalu


blush crush

For Miko


contrasting stripes


crochet all year round

Remember the crochet items I made last summer? I’m still making, selling and wearing them even if it’s the rainy season already. This particular skirt I always wear to work with heels or I use it for more casual affairs like parties or even just for a trip to the mall. Wore it a couple of days ago to a party and I paired it with a just plain black shirt.


smart parenting feature – april 11, 2012

Smart Parenting had an article titled  24 Looks for Summer for the Preggy Mom and Kids and one of my dresses made it to the feature. Thanks so much to stylist KC Leyco!

Paisley print jersey dress with drop front opening for nursing and/or pumping


wrap dress for noemi

I’m going to have a hard time parting with this multiway wrap skirt/dress. I’m so in love with the print and the colors! Here are a couple of ways the wrap can be worn.


noel + karla

Non-conformist couple. Non-traditional wedding. Anti-classic wedding gown.


nette in a2w

I love how my clients are asking for Art to Wear pieces until now. We can actually customize each dress since these aren’t mass produced. :)

cinco de mayo meets dia de los muertos

Celebrated a nephew’s first birthday a few weeks back and the theme was Cinco de Mayo / Dia de los Muertos. Themed parties are the best!

Max, the celebrant’s mom. Black dress with skull boots…I’d say she’s the Dia
de los Muertos part of the party.


graffiti-inspired boyfriend dress


Boyfriend dress handpainted by Vernon Perez. More boyfriend dresses here.


child’s own

A couple of years ago, Talia designed a dress which I originally planned on making as a surprise for her. Unfortunately, that was during the Christmas season and I was loaded with orders so I forgot all about it. I know, I know, bad mommy. :( But it’s definitely not too late! Thanks to Wendy of Child’s Own, Talia’s drawing came to life!


mamma mia, minnie mouse!

We watched Mamma Mia last month and we had a blast! Talia wore the black and gold swing dress I made for her a few months ago with her Minnie Mouse headband. And even if it didn’t match, she insisted on using her Minnie Mouse bag as well.


multiway wrap skirts

I fell in love with this wrap skirt made out of vintage saris which I bought several years ago from Etsy. So many factors made me buy this wrap — the color, the fabric, the price and best of all, I can wear it in so many different ways! It’s not just a skirt, it can also be worn as a dress. Unfortunately, the supplier stopped making this gorgeous outfit.

Best part about this multiway wrap is that it can fit most (if not all)
sizes. Here I am wearing it a few months back…I was in my third
trimester already and the wrap still covered my bulging belly.



Printed cotton boyfriend dress
(see more boyfriend dresses here)

Printed jersey dress

crochet mini

I just got the sample for the crochet mini and I love it! I was planning on posting a pic of it worn but I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys . . .



Different styles of workwear for ladies working in various industries.

Miko (Communications Coach)
Cotton twill boyfriend dress


mommy & me crochet dresses

Talia: “Yay! We have matching dresses again, mommy!”

Okay, so that’s obviously not me in the picture with Talia. I think I overestimated how fast I’d lose weight after giving birth so the dress is a bit, er, how should I say it . . . . snug in all the wrong places making it  too short for a mom of two like me. Dammit. But, since mommy can’t wear it, why not let the next best person fill in mommy’s shoes, or in this case, dress . . . . introducing Miko, one of Talia’s godmothers.

Just like the first crochet dress I showed you guys a few days ago, these are all made to order. Did I say already it’s perfect for summer? But the good thing here is since we live in a tropical country, you can wear this the whole year round!

I’m currently sketching new designs for a crochet skirt and a crochet minidress. Hoping I can share photos of these within the next few weeks!


boyfriend dresses

Cute, comfy and laid back. Usually perfect for weekends but can also be worn at the office for those who do not have strict dress codes (like in my office!). Wear alone or with a belt, with flats or wedges!

Printed cotton fabric


crochet dress

It’s been raining for the past couple of days but I already have summer on my mind! I’ve been rushing pieces perfect for summer and here’s one of our prototypes — a crochet dress that can be customized for kids and adults alike. I can’t wait for mine to be finished so that Talia and I can have matching outfits! Yes, I’m that type of mom. Haha!


vertical color blocking

One of my recent best sellers are dresses or gowns with vertical color blocking. Why? Because it’s super slimming! Not only will the vertical lines elongate your body, but the darker color at the sides also gives you the illusion of a tinier waist.

I blogged about a couple of gowns with vertical color blocking here and here. And below are a couple of short dresses I’ve made recently.

Miko (right) in a black shantung silk and gray faux leather dress.